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Our Programmes and Benefits

The Kumon Method aims for students to go beyond their school grade level through self-learning and advance to studying high school level material at an early age.

When studying at the “just-right” level students think for themselves and complete the exercises. When they get stuck they look at the hints and examples incorporated in the worksheets and figure out themselves how to do the exercises. In this way, continued study at the “just-right” level fosters the ability to learn on their own, or as we say at Kumon, “self-learn.”

Students then use that self-learning ability to advance independently beyond their school grade level to higher levels and more difficult exercises.

Thus Kumon study makes it possible for students to advance to high school level material at an early age.

To sum up, the Kumon Method is a learning method that pursues the potential of each individual student and develops his or her ability to the maximum.

We at Kumon believe in the vast potential of our students and want to further develop each student’s ability. Born out of the bond between a parent and child, the Kumon Method of learning faithfully carries on the thinking and ideas of its founder Toru Kumon. At the same time, we constantly strive for something better by continuing to develop our worksheets and instruction method. And today, this learning method continues to go beyond the borders of countries, race, culture and traditions, to reach more and more countries and regions throughout the world.


Maths is a subject that requires an accumulation of knowledge through practice. While enhancing their calculation skills, students also cultivate their mathematical analysis and logical thinking abilities which will be indispensable in their lives in the future. This leads them to develop the ability to solve various problems that they will face after entering the real world.


The goal of the English as a Foreign Language Program (EFL) is to develop advanced level reading comprehension ability. The program has been designed for non-native English speakers and structured in a manner to cultivate enjoyment in reading English materials. As students advance, they acquire the skills for self-learning while developing strong reading comprehension ability within the English language.



Build your child’s math skills from an early age
Before beginning elementary school is the perfect time to give your child a head start in Math. Kumon’s engaging, colourful worksheets begin developing initial math skills, including counting and number sequencing.

You and the instructor are there to guide your child
Two days a week at the Kumon Centre, your child’s instructor will be ready to guide and assist with worksheets. At home, you’ll help and oversee your child’s progress approximately 30 minutes a day, until self-learning begins.

As your child’s knowledge grows, so will a valuable sense of accomplishment
You’ll watch your child develop mental calculation skills, improve concentration ability and boost critical thinking skills with each new lesson.


Develop focus whilst studying with interest, working through their colourful worksheets coupled with funny songs and stories.

Acquire English in a natural way by listening and repeating just as they acquire their mother tongue.


Give your child an academic advantage in math
As your child progresses through elementary school, the Kumon Math Program will advance math skills by deepening ability and understanding. Ultimately, these skills become a foundation of knowledge to draw on throughout school.

Your child’s learning advances step by step
Each math worksheet is one step more advanced than the one before, ensuring your child fully absorbs and learns each math concept before moving on to the next.

You’ll watch your child’s knowledge advance and grow
As your child advances through the Kumon Math Program worksheets, you’ll know it’s in preparation to excel in middle school, high school, and throughout life.


Establish key foundations in reading and writing, using a variety of texts and topics to spark their interest and enthusiasm.

Understand more about sentence structure, word order, verb forms and punctuation.

Learn how to express English impressions concisely and correctly.


Competing in today’s world takes advanced math skills
As your child enters middle and high school, the Kumon Math Program will solidify and advance math skills, first for university and then a career.

Your child advances independently, step by step
The self-learning method of the Kumon Math Program will help your child develop a wide range of math skills, for the highest level of math learning.

You’ll watch your child acquire vital skills
As your child’s logical thinking advances, you’ll know you’re helping to provide the tools to excel in school – with knowledge that will continue to drive success beyond school.


Develop reading skill to a high level with 400 word-passages which are from a wide variety of different topics and genres of literature.

Work on sentence complexity.

Acquire advanced grammar.