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Franchisee’s Testimonials

Bui Thi Be Ha

Unique values of Kumon

As a Kumon Instructor, I am frequently asked about the necessity of studying beyond school grade level and whether advanced learning is beyond the students’ ability. I have many students who are studying two or three or even five years ahead of their peers. Besides visible learning outcomes such as excellent performance in Math, opportunities to explore advanced concepts, there are lifelong benefits of studying beyond school grade level. Increased confidence, will to learn and advance further, challenging spirit and perseverance are unique values of Kumon that I am proud to foster in my students, not only about Math.

Phan Thi Ni Na

How Kumon students study

Kumon aims at helping students go beyond “knowing” and “understanding” how to solve a problem to reach the level of “mastery”. Hence, if they don’t achieve 2 criteria of “speed’ and “accuracy” while doing worksheets, we will
consider to assign appropriate repetition to them. Learning the same contents for many times enables students to perceive clearly their progress as they shorten the time spent and get more correct answers as well. Their reflexive
competence is certainly increased, enabling them to advance to further contents smoothly. Moreover, with repetitions, students can finish all the worksheets without instructions which results in developing their independence and perseverance.

Duong Ngoc Truc Diep

Self-learning with Kumon

We usually assume that children are too young to learn new things by themselves so they definitely need instructions even in single steps. However, after six years working with Kumon students, I realize it is not like that. With a solid foundation of knowledge and work skills steadily developed, they can truly amaze us with the way they handle multi-step problems and acquire new concepts on their own. The examples, hints and cues provided in the worksheets make it easier to solve the problems independently. Such experiences of self-learning makes them persistent and confident and gives them a thirst to advance further. Gradually, they can be able to acquire knowledge in an active, comprehensive and exciting way with math and beyond.

Le Thuy Quynh

Kumon – where students find the joy of learning

Easy starting level is an opportunity as well as a challenge for new enrollees in Kumon. “Why is my child starting level lower than his school grade?” “Is this level too easy for my son?” are questions that many parents are concerned about. In fact, children’s arithmetic skill is not the only factor determining their starting level. For each child to develop self-learning habits so that they can advance beyond their school grade level, learning at the “just-right” level considering all three aspects of knowledge, work skills, and learning attitude is a prerequisite. This allows students to advance at their own pace, get improvement after each day of learning and always be confident and excited in learning. Every student has a “turning point” in their learning journey with Kumon when they feel really proud of themselves because they achieved something and want to aim higher. I believe that “just-right” level will help them to be fully prepared for that point to come.