Q. Do I need to have a background in education?

Experience may be an advantage for you, but it’s certainly not a requirement to become a Kumon Franchisee. However, in order to establish a Kumon franchise center, you need to meet one of the following four qualification requirements (legally required):

1- Bachelor of English Education; or

2- Bachelor of Mathematics Education; or

3- Bachelor of Primary Education; or

4- College / Bachelor of Preschool Education

What is very important is that you have a passion for working with children, and believe in our mission of helping them become independent, self-assured and confident leaders of tomorrow. Many of our current owners came to us with some kind of business background, and many have their own children currently or previously enrolled in Kumon.

Q. Will I primarily be serving as a tutor?

No. Kumon is not a one-on-one tutoring program where most students are here for a quick-fixed solution to a short-term academic problem. Instead, our success is built on a proven concept of helping students from age 3 through high school to actively build self-learning skills. Your students will work at their own pace, moving through individualized worksheets on a daily basis. You’ll be there to help assess their starting point, answer their questions, and guide their ongoing progress by helping them if they struggle grasping a particular worksheet concept. Some of your younger students may require a bit more one-on-one attention at times, as they complete their early worksheets. You and your assistants will grade their worksheets and ensure they are progressing in their learning.

Q. What is the application and approval process?

For detail consultation, please give us a call at 1900545424 or keying the Inquiry form on this website. Kumon will response you as soon as possible.

Q. What kind of training will I need?

Instruction principles and learning materials
The Kumon Method, curriculum, and learning materials
Student assessment and enrolment
The effective implementation of study programmes
Communication with parents and students
Centre management strategies
Centre administration, policies, and procedures

Q. Where is the training for new Instructor conducted?

Typically, training takes place at the local offices. Candidates looking to open a Kumon Centre must attend training with the company. Candidates will also need to make arrangements to attend initial training that will typically run over a five-week period. Continuous follow-up training is provided after the commencement of your Centre, to ensure the content is relevant to your operating needs.

Q. How will I work with Kumon, and how will you support my franchise?

Kumon has been well-known as one of Top global franshie oganizations, because we’re committed to providing our owners with the training, resources and support to help them thrive. For example, through our Kumon branch offices, our staff takes an active role in supporting you in both the administration of your programs and the growth and development of your centre. The materials your students use are continually reviewed, updated and supplied to you. Both internal communications and customer communications are produced and disseminated regularly. You’ll also have the opportunity to attend continuing training, meetings and seminars, which are widely attended by other Franchisees who can share their insights and experiences. In addition, Kumon Vietnam also operates variety marketing activities to support the market development.

Q. How much can I earn as the owner of a Kumon Franchise?

Since each Kumon franchise is independently owned and does not report its total income to us, we cannot provide a hard number. However, as part of your franchisee training, you’ll develop a business plan that can assist you in projecting your revenues and expenses.

Q. Can I own a Kumon Franchise and hire someone else to manage it?

No, it is critical to the success of Kumon and to your franchise that you remain directly involved in the day-to-day operations of your individual centre. You can decide how many assistants you will hire. However, you need to always remain the “face” of Kumon to students and parents. If you want to be an absentee owner, a Kumon Franchise simply isn’t for you.

Q. How can Kumon help children?

Unlike traditional tutoring or passive learning from teachers, our program is designed to advance a child’s learning, step-by-step, as they complete daily assignments that take about 30 minutes. That includes two sessions a week at your Kumon centre, and five more at home. Parents will be able to see and track their progress, staying constantly informed along their children’s learning path.

When each child first enrolls in Kumon, you’ll help assess their abilities through our assessment process, to help determine the right starting level for them. And you’ll be there to guide them as they build the skills and confidence that will help in the classroom, and throughout their lives.

Q. How do I get started?

We welcome you to make a share of our franchise opportunities by giving us a call at 1900545424 or keying the Inquiry form on this website. Kumon will response you as soon as possible.

Q. Who franchisees Kumon looking for?

We are seeking like-minded people who believe in each and every child’s potential. Owning your own Kumon Education Centre is a wonderful opportunity to nurture children to learn with confidence to realise their goals and dreams in the future.

Franchisees have also been considered special members of their local community for their contribution to children’s education and long-term development. As a Kumon franchisee, you will have the opportunity to build an exciting and worthwhile business that contributes to your local community. The role of running a centre also includes enough flexibility to fit in with your family and lifestyle needs. You will become part of a team with a worldwide network of associates all working towards developing “life skills” in children around the world.